Jul 5 2011

W7P SwimEventTimes development -- Tilt Effect

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As many developers, I've completed most of the development using the phone emulator since I wanted to wait until Verizon was offering a Windows 7 Phone.  While the emulator provides an invaluable tool, you soon realize you missed something when you start developing and testing with a real device.

For this development I immediately noticed that the "Tap" gesture was not fluid enough to give the user a feeling that they had just touched an element on the screen. 

So here I employed the the "Tilt Effect" as so nicely provided by:


I went with the following value since I think it gave me a better pushed-in effect:

<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" HorizontalAlignment="Left" local:MetroInMotion.Tilt="5">

Now touching an element gives a nice feedback to the user so that they can feel as if the element on screen was pushed in.  I've used this in all the places where the action of touching the element would bring you another page.  Specifically I added it to the Swimmer's Page (Add, Edit, Delete) and the Panorama page displaying the "Best", "Meets" and "Strokes" data.


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